Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Beautiful property for sale at Pampoolah, near Taree

We next visited Pauline and Gil from Taree Bridge Club at their lovely riverside property which is now on the market.  It is on millionaires row on banks of the Manning River and in the 12 years they owned it, clever handyman Gil has improved it a hundred fold.

The riverbank view from the house.

Andrew and Gil sitting on the terrace facing the river.

Looking back at the main house from the old dairy which has been converted into a separate parents' hideaway or a teenager's retreat with its own bathroom and shower with a wonderful bush view.

The Pizza Hut Gil built, with its own chessboard
on the paving.  It is a great place for entertaining a large group.

and the pizza oven.

I know our friend Arthur, in New Zealand. who also built his own pizza oven on their lovely property at Maraekakaho, will be admiring and appreciating the whole construction of the gazebo housing the oven.  (Arthur, I know your oven is bigger 😊😊)

A last view looking back at the main dwelling on this wonderful property.

Pauline and Gil own 20 acres here and they are downsizing to a one acre property up the road with an old house which is Gil's next project.  He has used his 12 years here to expand, renovate, rebuild and beautify the whole place.  And they enjoyed their years along with children and grandchildren running about, fishing, kayaking.  Oh, I mean to mention the built in fishing rod holders at the old dairy.

We were very taken by the beauty of where they live. as well as their wonderful hospitality and  veggies and herbs Pauline gave me as we departed.

I hope they find a buyer who loves the property as well as they do.  We loved visiting.

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