Friday, May 25, 2018

Continuing driving up along the NSW coast

We stopped at a nice little rest stop at Macksville for the night.  As well as the usual grey nomads in their caravan and/or motor home, there were also two small hire cars with a tent pitched on top.  One couple was from Canada and the other part US and part Australia, travelling for a few weeks.  One was a Wicked car, the other a Juicy.  Worthy of a photograph.

At the rest stop, along the banks of the Nambucca River there was this picturesque rock with seagulls covering it.  Another photo-worthy shot.

Then a brief stop at Nambucca Heads with a frothy sea greeting us.

The V-wall beside the mouth of the river, full of colourful painted rocks.  Some people return every year adding something to their favourite rock.

This particular painting of a boy swimming with a turtle is a rather poignant one, celebrating the life of a 10 year old boy who had died.  Many of the painted rocks commemorate someone who has passed away.  Others celebrate lovers or just mention names and birthdays.

Our last stop before Coffs Harbour was at the Urunga Honey Shop.

We had a few days at Coffs visiting Andrew's sisters and playing bridge.  We had a lucky break at the Coffs Harbour Bridge Club.  Because the Bridge mates failed at the previous session and could not produce a result, the day we played everyone got a free session, plus someone had brought in generous pieces of pumpkin which we cooked in Joan's oven (not having an oven in the motor home we appreciate having an opportunity to have access to an oven).  And on top of all that we came first.

We continued on to Woolgoolga which has a large Sikh community.  They hold a curry festival each year and some years back we attended one and had some lovely curries.  This time we just took a photo of the large white Sikh temple.

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