Thursday, May 17, 2018

The adventure begins, again, in 2018

Once again we are setting off to escape the Canberra winter.  We took Winnie out of mothballs to set off.  Actually, not mothballs, but moved her from Womboin where the extremely kind couple Linda and Michael looked after it during the summer months.

Back in Ainslie, our new house sitters, Annie and Peter are minding the hearth and home.  We are hoping the winter, which we find somewhat gruelling, does not put them off maybe settling in Canberra in their retirement.

Our first stop was at the disappointing Fitzroy Falls.  Disappointing as it has been really dry and there is very little water.

The cliff over which the falls tumble are impressive.

The view the other way, of the valley.

Hampden Bridge was the next stop.  This is a suspension bridge located in the town of Kangaroo Valley.  It is named after Lord Hampden, Governor of NSW 1895-1899.

At the Berry Showgrounds, we saw this remarkable dog tent.  Campers, with dogs, take note.

The two blowholes at Kiama.  The small blowhole and the big blowhole.  Both spectacular.

We drove through Stanwell Park where the hang gliders soar across the sky.  It is also a beautiful coastline.

A view of the hang glider.

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