Sunday, June 17, 2018

Animals galore

Things seem to have quietened down with the cows.  We now have six calves.  Here are two of the latest ones.

There have been no dramas with any of the births except for the one cow who developed a bit of an infection and she seems fine now.  All cows and calves are well.  The horses are thriving under Andrew's hand feeding and taking their coats on and off morning and night.  As well as being a dog whisperer, he is now practicing to be a horse whisperer as well :-)

Here is a photo of me, Mrs Farmer Bloggs, in Marnee's wellies.  We were checking on the calves as one seemed to be missing but he/she was just hiding behind its mother.

The rest of our time is taken up with the 4 canines.  They are a delight, all very nice dogs.  I am going to miss them tremendously when we leave here.  Oakley and Cino play together all the time.  I try to capture their frolics but they move so fast it is very difficult.  Lately, Maxi showed a little spark of  interest in playing with Cino but Oakley seems to be a bit jealous. Nellie shows little interest in the puppy.

Walking them takes some time.  I walk the puppy Cino and Maxi and Andrew takes the big dogs for a long walk each day.

Then it is time for a little afternoon nap.

And after another exhausting day, a nice rest in front of the television at night.

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  1. Clearly life on the farm is full of abundance and suits you both well....sweet dreams!.