Saturday, June 9, 2018

Maleny stopover

We arrived on the Sunshine Coast and after a quick meeting with our prospective house owner and dogs in Caloundra at Golden Beach where we will be spending July/August  - we made our way to the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Maleny is up in the hills and it is a delightful little town to visit and spend time at.

As often, we stayed overnight at the Showgrounds where there was a gardening market on the Saturday.

These are artistic creations on sale and I was very tempted by one or two of them but I resisted.

The husband of the woman who made the wooden creations makes these garden washing tubs which hook on to the water outlet and the water can be recycled in the garden.

These iron flowers were too tempting not to buy, so one is joining my existing one in the garden at home.

The colourful golf buggy was used to ferry people up an ddown the grassy bank which was reasonably steep.

A lovely woodworking shop full of beautiful smelling and looking wooden art pieces in the town centre.  Another too tempting a place to resist a purchase.

Not far out of Maleny we visited Gardner Falls.

Andrew took this photo of a leech on a walk.  They are horrible little creatures but this makes a nice photograph against the yellow post.

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