Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Revisiting Natural Bridge and Tamborine Mountain

This trip often includes places we have visited on previous trips.  We were very taken by the Natural Bridge nine years ago when we first saw it on our round OZ trip.

It is a marvelous natural phenomenon just across the border from NSW into Qld northwest of Murwillumbah.

Originally a waterfall which hollowed out a cave beneath itself.  Later the stream broke through the roof of the cave and left the natural bridge rock formation standing.  It is very impressive.

Our next stop included a culinary highlight we were expecting, as we had visited the Outpost Cafe at Canungra on a couple of previous occasions.  The cafe serves seriously good meat pies.

On this visit we had the curry pie and the fabulous steak, stout and bacon pie.  The price of a pie has gone up by one dollar in the nine years since we first came to taste these great pies.  The pie with the stout was not on the menu nine years ago and it a whole dollar more expensive than the other pies, but it is worth the expenditure.

We then moved on to Tamborine Mountain.  This is the view from one of the lookouts.

Cameron Falls on the Sandy Creek circuit where we walked before lunch.

We came across a young man who was balancing towers of rocks in an artistic fashion.  These are known as cairns.

Curtis Falls came next at the Cedar Creek circuit.

Cedar Creek.

Many times on these rain forest walks I feel as if we are in an enchanted forest with Hansel and Gretel dropping breadcrumbs.

We played bridge at the Tamborine Mountain Bridge Club, this time in their brand new premises built only two years ago.  Last time we played here, some years ago, they played in some sort of arts centre.  Their new premises, on council land but owned by the Bridge Club is very swish.

After Tamborine Mountain it was time to move on. Next stop was Caloundra.  Here too, we played a session of bridge at their Thursday afternoon/evening tapas and bridge session.  They start play at 4:00pm, everyone brings something tapas-like to share and they break to eat it at 5:30pm and continue playing until about 7:15pm.  A great idea and a nice way to share an early meal.

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