Sunday, June 3, 2018

Visit to Nimbin

It was a little ironic that from The Ridge we then drove onto Nimbin, the scene of the original archetypal hippie community living.  So unlike the well functioning, well working co-operative that is the community of which Sam and Nadia are members. 

The town of Nimbin is a small and colourful spot in northern NSW, some 30 kms from Lismore.  I understand the former hippie community still exists but it is hidden from view behind the bushes and trees, full of ageing hippies using a variety of recreational drugs and many on welfare support.

We stuck to the town and stayed the night at the Showgrounds, together with the usual variety of vehicles including quite a number of Juicy and Wicked vans.

Nimbin Rocks on the way to the town. These are volcanic extrusions of rhyolite left over from the Mount Warning Tweed Volcano that erupted around 20m years ago.

Street scene.

A colourful fence around a gallery shop.

Solar powered mushroom - is it a lamp?

Governments of any sort do not seem to be very popular here.

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