Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We are now in charge

Marnee left this morning and Nick is at work during the day, Millie at school, so Andrew and I are now in charge.  Nick and Millie also fly off in two days time and then we will really officially be in charge.

Andrew is putting Henry's coat on for the night and feeding him.  Thoroughbreds are provided with a specialised diet.  Henry is a gentle horse, used to being handled.

Shylo and Pepper the pony do not belong to the household.  They are here on agistment and their owners come and tend to them weekly.  They just graze on grass and come up to the gate for the occasional carrot I give them.

Wednesday is the gardening course being held here and Gary and Paula who run Kookaburra Organics bring their stuff to discuss and sell.  Marnee is writing the book they are planning to publish on Kitchen Organics.

It is a paid 5 week course but we were invited to attend.  I learned a great deal about worm farms and tubers and root vegetables such a turmeric, galangal and some others, the names of which I forget.  Paula also talked about their bees, because they keep those as well.  It was all extremely and for me surprisingly fascinating even though I am not a gardener.  I was thinking how much some of my friends who are into plants and gardening would have appreciated it.

This is mushroom compost.  The mushrooms keep popping up each day, yielding a lot of edible mushrooms among the other plants.

The result.  Andrew found these mushrooms less tasty than field mushrooms or the button mushrooms you buy.  I liked them much more and I am going to make mushroom soup.

A photo of some of the people and the dogs too.  It was a nice, mildly chaotic morning with ten pupils, two teachers and Andrew and me.  There was morning tea provided by Paula but Marnee provides the utensils and the venue.  Thankfully the house is tiled as muddy shoes traipsing through to kitchen, bathroom, etc were much in evidence.

The sixth calf was born this morning.  That is five new calves since we have been here.  Provided all goes well, there is nothing to do except watch the calf from time to time to make sure it is standing and suckling from the mother.

New batch of mushrooms.  They are growing like, well ............ mushrooms.  I did make a batch of soup and it was delicious.  Much more tasty than just plain and Andrew was happy after all.  We both like mushrooms and they are selling here for $18.99 kg so having them free on tap is wonderful.

Oakley and Cino at rest.  They normally tussle and play.  This angle does not really show the difference in their size.  Oakley is a big boy and Cino is a 13 week old Jack Russell puppy with sharp teeth and claws.  Oakley plays quite rough but for a big dog he is remarkably gentle with the pup.  Cino occasionally yelps but generally hangs in there.  They are quite delightful to see together.  Cino also wants to play with Maxi but she won't have a bar of it.  Nellie too is disdainful.  Perhaps the girls are too dainty :-)

These are the mushrooms from three days.

I am making mushroom soup using what I think is a 5 litre pot.  I am also planning to make a separate pot full for Marnee using non dairy almond milk.

Well, I made all the above and I did not succeed in using up all the mushrooms.  I froze quite a lot of the soup and we are eating mushroom soup until we are blue in the face.  I just hope I don't lose my love of mushrooms by overkill.

Came across this stall at the Saturday Mooloolah Valley Market.  No, I did not buy a bandana for any of the dogs.

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