Saturday, April 16, 2011

At last at Dalhousie Springs - the highlight of the trip so far

What is the difference between these two pretty watering places? About 15 C in the water temperature. The above photo is of the Eringa waterhole, a very pretty place on the way to Dalhousie.
This photo is of the large also very pretty pool, up to 14 metres deep, at Dalhousie which is a very warm 35-38C - it is like getting into a warm bath - it is just delicious.

Dalhousie Springs is like a large upside down shower, discharging water from the Great Artesian Basin through approximately 80 holes called mound springs. Water from Qld and the NT soaks underground and travels here slowly under layers of hard rock. The high temperatures of the earth's core heat the waters of the Great Artesian Basin.

The campground with a small view of Max and Priscilla in the background.

The steps into the water.

This is the downside at Dalhousie - the flies. We called this the Dalhousie reading room. The amenities block is nicely shaded and a pleasant place to sit. Please note the essential mosquito netting for the flies not mosquitos.

But this is the upside. Bathing in these waters is just divine.

The best hot springs I have come across - eat your heart out Rotorua.

Dalhousie Springs may have had a hell of a road leading to it - it is the same road that takes you to the Simpson Desert - but it was worth every bump and shudder. It has been the highlight of this inland trip so far for us.

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