Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Gammon Ranges

The Gammon Ranges are in the northern Flinders, some 200 kms north of Wilpena Pound. These ranges are more remote and consist of more ancient rock formations than the more popular and accessible Flinders Ranges. The above shot is of the Gammon Ranges at sunset as we were driving in. The national park has bush camping and we stayed at one site. But we would recommend the best way of fully appreciating the Gammon Ranges is to stay at Arkaroola, the award winning wilderness sanctuary. It is a 610sq km former sheep property which was purchased by Reg and Griselda Sprigg, a husband and wife team of geologists who dedicated themselves to returning the land to its natural state. Arkaroola offers a range of accommodation and some 4WD tours. We did one of these. Their Ridgetop tour is their best one but unfortunately the recent floods have made some of the access roads unpassable so our tour was the next best thing. We enjoyed it a great deal.

A shot of the road up to the Frome lookout. It is actually steeper than it looks.

The view from the lookout.

The Barraranna Gorge which we accessed with the 4WD vehicle.

Another shot of this lovely gorge.

One of the welcome gates to an aboriginal community in the Gammon Ranges. It too offers camping.

A photo of the swimming pool at Arkaroola. We may have been bush camping but we had a hot shower and a swim - what more can a traveller want?

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