Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trephina Gorge East MacDonell Ranges

The River Todd at Alice Springs is the dividing line between the spectacular West MacDonell and the slightly less spectacular but nevertheless impressive East MacDonnell Ranges.

We spent a weekend at Trephina Gorge which does not usually have water in it except for one waterhole. The waterhole was not there this time as the sand must have filled it in. The gorge had trickling running water in it but not swimmable.

Trephina Gorge is known for its sheer quartzite cliffs, red river gums and sandy creek bed.

The water is very slight.

The sides of the gorge are a spectacular quartzite and they are beautiful to look at. We did a gorge rim walk and also one to the lookout.

The cliff sides of the gorge again.

One of of favourite breakfasts, jaffles when we are in a position to have an open fire.

And about to scoff them jaffles.
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