Saturday, April 16, 2011

The road to Dalhousie

The road to Dalhousie Springs was the worst road we have come across on this trip. The only road worse than this one had been the road to Cape Leveque in WA but that was bad because of the corrugations. The road to Dalhouse, all 67 kms of it (the same as to hellish Hallligan Bay at Lake Eyre) was rough with a mix of hard gravel, soft mushy, wet clay, loose sand and big washaways made by the recent rain and floods.

The wet mushy bit.

This big series of potholes gave Andrew something to ponder.

Here he is going through it with brave Max and Priscilla on top.

Watch the angle. Leaning is not something we like doing being fairly top heavy. But Max is a strong workhorse and together with Andrew's superb driving we got through it all in one piece.

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