Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Palm Valley

Palm Valley is 18 kms off from the Larapinta Drive in the Finke Gorge National Park and the road is not easy but the view at the end is very rewarding.

The palm trees are a very old variety and the marvel is how they grow in this normally desert environment. They are a fascinating relic from millions of years ago when Central Australia was much wetter and more wooded. These are Red Cabbage Palms found nowhere else in the world.

A view of the rock formations.

A little rest in a shady nook.

Walking on the dry riverbed.

The way in to the valley.

We did not take Max and Priscilla into Palm Valley but got a lift instead and left our two precious ones at the campground. The small white slide-on with the red bottom was our source of transport into Palm Valley. It was smaller and a lower slung vehicle than our top heavy pair.

The setting sun on the cliff at the campground.

The campground.

Secret men's business.  Men giving Andrew advice regarding our newly developed battery problem.
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