Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Means of transport in the gorges

These two photos, the one above and the one below are both of Andrew crossing the Finke River to get to the other side of Glen Helen Gorge. When the waters of the river are as normal, one can cross by wading across but the recent rains and floods have made the Finke River swell.

These three photos show Andrew (I participated but I was on the other side holding the camera which Andrew was transporting in the backpack) navigating the Ormiston Gorge at the end of our lovely 7 kms walk around the gorge and the Ormiston Pound.

I forgot to mention that we stripped completely for the crossing.

An elderly Tasmanian lady canoeing across complete with fly net.

Just a normal swim across Ellery Big Hole. The water is deep in parts and extremely cold. They recommend flotation devices.

This time Nikki scrambling across the small waterhole in Palm Valley. The water is not deep at all but the rocks are very slippery so an undignified crawl was the order of the day.

The above shot is only to show that the cellulite is slowly dropping from the thighs :-)
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