Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little oasis in the outback

This is the natural spa at a delightful low key camping spot on the Oodnadatta Track called Coward Springs. It is a veritable little oasis on this long dusty road, with shady trees under which you can park your vehicle and relax a while.
The shower block at Coward Springs. The water is cold, which is fine on a hot day and the heater at the front has some firewood if one wants a hot shower, it takes about 30 minutes to heat up we were told.

This is the Bubbler at Mound Springs Conservation Park near Coward Springs. The mounds containing these natural permanent artesian springs are formed from the accumulation of dissolved salt deposits.

The spa at Coward Springs above is on one of these artesian springs.

This mound is known as the Blanche Cup near the bigger Bubbler.

The springs were found by the early European settlers and the importance of these permanent sources of water has resulted in the eventual development of the Overland Telegraph Line following the line of the springs.

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