Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The gorgeous gorges of the West MacDonnell NP

The incredible Standley Chasm in the mid-day sun when the walls are a fiery red from the overhead sun's reflection. It is not actually in the national park but on Aboriginal land so a fee of $8 is payable to go and see it. The cathedral height walls are mighty impressive and they create a cool shady passageway. I have however grouped it with the other gorges.

Simpsons Gap is only 18 kms from Alice Springs. Neither it and Standley's Chasm are actually in the national park but I have included them both in this list as they are both fabulous.

Simpsons Gap again. No swimming is allowed in the waterhole.

Ellery Creek Big Hole is a large waterhole with red cliffs and a sandy creek fringed with river red gums. It is also wonderfully impressive. Swimming is allowed but the water is very deep and very cold. Flotation devices are recommended but not many observe this. Andrew of course had to swim to the other side.

Serpentine Gorge where again no swimming is allowed. The lookout above the gorge gives visitors a view of this narrow, winding gorge and a sweeping view also of the surrounding red ragged cliffs.

Ormiston Gorge where we did a great 6 kms walk and at the end had to get through the water at this very spot - photos following.

Glen Helen Gorge where Andrew did use a flotation device to cross the Finke River to see the gorge on the other side.

Redbank Gorge which is narrow and pretty cold, again they advise flotation devices.

The gorge further on where it narrows.
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