Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kings Canyon Wattarka National Park NT

Kings Canyon is 300 kms northeast of Uluru – a mighty chasm that cleaves the earth to a depth of 270 metres. The canyon rim walk which is a 6kms loop, begins with a steep climb to the top of the canyon then follows the canyon rim around. The terrain in and around the canyon reminded us very much of the Bungle Bungle, the geological rock formations of the beehives bearing a close resemblance to the beehive style rock formations at both places. The tourist information notice board confirms this.

The walk is not an easy but a rewarding one and we were amazed how many people with reasonably small children completed it. There is a gentle 2.6 kms walk elsewhere, at Kings Creek where the first 700 metres are wheel chair accessible.

The sheer southern rock face of the canyon which soars over 100 metres above the ground.

People on the southern wall.

Nikki braving the elements on a cliff face.

One of the views from the canyon.
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