Saturday, April 30, 2011

John Hayes rockhole

This rockhole with its steep narrow rockwalls is 4 kms from Trephina Gorge and the track is pretty hair raising so we did not take our vehicles in but walked the 4kms in and got a lift back.

The photo is of me swimming across the first rockhole while Andrew got across by rock climbing.

John Hayes rockhole is a popular swimming spot and 4WD enthusiasts from Alice Springs come out here for a dip during the warmer months.

The first rockhole. There are two more above and there is a chain of ponds walk.

Andrew at the top of the second rockhole.

A quiet shot.

This photo is taken from above the second rockhole.

Looking down again.

The walk to the lookout above the rockholes.

View of the gorge on the chain of ponds walk.

and of the quartzite cliffs again.
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