Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some more sights in the outback

A particularly fetching rock on our walk in the area around Palm Valley.

Andrew to the rescue - two damsels in distress. They managed to get their 4WD bogged in sand. They had not realised you have to let your tyres down when navigating in sand. The operation was successful.

Another shot of Standley Chasm with the mid-day sunlight.

Simpsons Gap coming up.

The permanent waterhole in the Gap.

We have seen quite a few of these marvellous benches and tables around Central Australia.

A roo resting at the Desert park in Alice Springs.

A tawny owl at the park. We went to a bird feeding exhibition which was great. What was really impressive was how the birds were trained to fly hither and thither on cue
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